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Unattended death cleanup services offered by me, Eddie Evans, are typically received at a much lower price than my competitors offer. I also offer a cleaning guarantee. A cleaning guarantee for an unattended death cleanup means that I will return when requested if requested. In 16 years I received this request for an unattended death cleanup once, and that was last year.

About 10 years ago I received a request to return to a suicide scene, to which I drove all night to Las Cruces, New Mexico. I found black mold behind a curtain in the death scene bedroom. My client somehow believed that the mold had something to do with the death; it did not and could not. Just the same, I'm honor bound to return upon request. It comes with a guarantee, which is the only way that a death cleanup business run.


What to expect -

Expect a thorough cleaning and decontamination of the death scene. Expect all soiled materials to be removed from the death scene. Expect once soiled nonporous surfaces to be cleaned and disinfected. Expect odors to begin to dissipate following removal of source materials. From me, expect the lowest is not one of the lowest prices for your cleaning service.

Most routinely, at least one San Diego County Sheriff-corner employ will offer to direct the family in need of unattended death cleanup services to with an unattended death cleanup company. It will make this offer and say something like the following: "I'm not supposed to do this, but here's a telephone number to an unattended death cleanup company. They are very good."

It is true that the referral offered by the County employ may involve a referral to more than one biohazard cleanup company. It is also true that it is against San Diego County policy for any San Diego County employee to become involved in the business arrangement while on County time. Put another way, the County of San Diego as rules against cronyism. The County of San Diego has rules against County employees enriching themselves while employed on County time. Visit my crime scene cleanup web page for more information. In no way our county employees to enrich themselves from their San Diego County employment. But that's with going on when they offer a family in need of an unattended death cleanup.

But that's what you should expect. But they do is not right, and it is unethical. By doing this they receive 10% of the gross the for the unattended death cleanup. Sometimes the only unattended death cleanup company.When the San Diego County unattended death cleanup company arrives, they will offer to do the unattended death cleanup while some may even offer to do a general housecleaning. And why not? Their employees work for very little, relative to what the owners of the cleaning company will make

As biohazard cleanup goes, and unattended death cleanup does not carry the same motive biohazard's as a homicide or suicide cleanup make.


Arise as they do because of human blood and other potentially infectious materials present in the atmosphere. These orders consist of sulfue-like fragrances foreign to our nose fragrance receptors. We experience these odors of other times and places in our lives besides death scenes. But that's not important here.

The important thing is that these odors are not dangerous. They do not cause illness and they do not cause disease as was once believed before the germ theory of disease arrived in the 1880s. Before then, the miasma theory of disease and illness was prevailing for hundreds of years. This is not to say that disease and illness cannot occur by airborne substances. We know for a fact that tuberculosis spreads by sneezes and coughing.

Overall though, on a death scene cleanup. We are not concerned with airborne substances unless we make substances present somehow atomized to join our atmospheric gases.

Environmental Conditions and Death Scene Odors

Biohazards and Death Cleranup

Homicide cleanup and suicide cleanup often occur within days of the event. In such cases wet, moist, or great flaky blood may be encountered. Objects capable of oozing blood when compressed may be on the death scene. It happens that United States Center for disease control defines a biohazard in those terms, which means: biohazard's consist of wet human blood, moist human blood, dry flaky blood, her blood from an object once compressed. As a result, a homicide or suicide will qualify as a biohazard cleanup.

Unattended death, may still be term a "biohazard cleanup," but it does not carry the same biological load as a homicide or suicide cleanup closely following the event. In most cases, and unattended death cleanup occurs days if not weeks after the death occurs. In such cases human blood has dried. In such cases moist blood is grind. And in the worst case is the becomes dry and flaky, but it also becomes irked because of its long time standing the drive matter. Viruses and bacteria do not do well in dried blood.

Even more, dry flaky blood soon becomes moist once lightly sprayed with something like Clorox bleach, a standard household remedy to bacteria and viruses. Still, it must be treated with great care and tenderness because we do not want wet or moist blood becoming airborne. It's when airborne by splash or atomize that human blood becomes a hazard to unattended death cleanup practitioners. In any case, and unattended death cleanup has certain qualitative and quantitative differences than a homicide or suicide cleanup.

With that said, a suicide cleanup may also be an unattended death cleanup because suicide is an unattended death in many cases. The suicide may have gone weeks without being found. So we see that an unattended death may also be a suicide.

Environmental conditions and death scene odors

What causes that odor from a death?

As the body decomposes beginning within seconds of death brain cells quickly succumb to an environment devoid of oxygen. Following these decomposing brain cells chemical changes begin in the body. As these changes occur once friendly bacteria that reside in the body, roughly 70% of her body's best, begin to die off. Where they once consumed, digested, and released waste of their own, they no longer function and become source material for invading bacteria. Once unfriendly bacteria quickly take over, before short while.

Body tissue breakdown and the skin begins to break down as well. As the skin breaks bacteria invade to the newly created access points to the body. Invading armies of bacteria take over and do their own consuming, digesting, and reproduction. Soon other bacteria begin to invade until many types of species of bacteria break down the body.

Meanwhile, these bacteria off gas as they digest, which is what nature does. In essence, nature does here what it does everywhere, recycles.

The reader of this recycling often depends on the environmental conditions in which the body finds itself.

Cold weather: just like refrigerator freezer helps to preserve our food, cold weather helps to preserve the human body following death. It is no wonder that hospitals retain a cool environment. By keeping temperatures lower the help to reduce the overall biohazard load created by bacteria in the overall medical environment.

I find it in my unattended death cleanup business that those houses, apartments, condominiums, mobile homes, RVs, and trailers in which temperatures remained low, odors remained less detectable. Of course, when the body's been down for a long time the order will begin to at its fragrance to the general atmosphere of the environment.

By anecdotal evidence, I once cleaned an and unattended death cleanup in Green River, Colorado in late October. An elderly lady lived on the third floor of a rather new and well-kept apartment building. She spent her day watching her television set from a chair placed in front of an open window during warmer months. During one hot October afternoon she passed away in front of her open window. As fate would have it, the seasons changed radically and snow fell; here unattended death cleanup took minutes rather than hours.

The decedent's body cooled to near freezing temperatures and remained fairly well intact for a prolonged period of time. By the time she was found her body had decomposed, but hardly noticeably. As a result the chair she was in was not heavily soiled. A barely detectable odor permeated from the chair. Unattended death cleanup rarely takes place so easily.

The size of the decedent also has a lot to do with the odor. The more mass for decomposition the greater the odor content. Other variables include the decedent's diet, the decedent's place of death, and of course, whether or not the heat or air conditioning was on. In those rooms in which an air conditioner remained on, the rated decomposition slows. That's basically what I found in Green River, Colorado, a refrigerated get seen.

We detect death scene orders just as any other organisms from the oceans, to the desert, into the mountains pickup fragrances. We have tiny nerve cells that detect chemical changes in the air around us. Molecular changes in the chemical composition of water and air. These molecules share the same basic chemical principles as life's chemistry in general.

As such environmental conditions influence those odors.

Family Unattended Death Story

In 16 years in the unattended death cleanup business I have met with many families. What makes these families similar in my experience is their need for death cleanup. Some of those families of the for the loss of a loved one due to a homicide or a suicide. Of course both circumstances the need for my services critical. In both circumstances their losses are beyond comprehension in some ways.

In the case of unattended death, most often the death occurs as either a suicide or as the result of a terrible accident were foreseeable disease. Most frequently baby boomers are the most represented population among unattended death cleanup scenes. And to the point, it is the family of unattended death scenes that he sense of guilt arises most often. It's a sense of guilt surrounding both the unattended death as well as a sense of guilt for not having been in the area to visit now deceased loved one.

Because I surmise the above from my experiences, I think it's important to comment that unattended death the part of the human condition and always have been. They will not go away in any case. That is no point in feeling guilty over, although feeling guilty as part of the human condition as well.

Long ago we decided to live apart in this fast changing world; we became isolated, alientated from nature as well as ourselves. We became obese while easily entertained. Our rapid transit by automobile, training, and plain became affordable and part of our lifestyle. As a result we live our desire for independence and die unattended deaths.








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